GCCVest Advisory

We are organized as a strategic advisor capable of originating, structuring, and executing full financing solutions by leveraging our shareholders platform across GCC, China, and Asia to deliver best-in-class execution.


Given our dedicated SINO-MENA focus, we are able to provide differentiated access to Middle Eastern capital (Islamic / Conventional Capital Advisory) through our distribution platform in GCC, as well as growth advisory and partnership support through our local team’s extension networks in the region.

Islamic And Conventional Financing

We assist investors in the Middle East to identify the optimal Islamic investment and financing solution, as well as conventional capital and financing solutions, to gain access to and invest in opportunities globally.

Islamic Financing

Islamic seeding / first loss fund

Through our network and working closely with Prime consultants, such as Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, we will identify Asian managers for seeded funds managed parri passu to their conventional funds. Islamic seeding allows managers to get to a size quicker, allowing them to be marketed to larger fund of funds and institutions in Europe and US by the Prime Brokers. Seeders share in the economics of the whole fund, not just their seed capital.

First loss is where a manager puts up US$5mn and is matched with US$45mn but if the fund is down 10% that loss is borne by the manager’s initial commitment to the fund.

Sukuk issuance for Asian corporates

We will work with middle market Asian companies who may not be able to get traditional bank or bond funding to collateralize assets leveraging Islamic funding from GCC.

Private Equity ( Musharakah)

We will focus on new technologies, biotech and medical applications needed in GCC to build centres of excellence and innovation hubs, by working with leading government and institutions, such as KAUST, KACST and leading VC funds in the region.

Aircraft / Real Estate leasing (Mudarabah)

We will work with reputable leasing specialists to secure aircraft and real estate purchases for leasing and then raise capital in the Gulf into an Ijarah structure.

Conventional Financing

Dual listings in GCC and Hong Kong

We will advise Asian companies to list in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and vice versa, by leveraging our shareholder platform in the Middle East and in China. We will be able to offer bespoke solution that can accommodate large listings as well as working with smaller companies not serviced well by the big houses.

Listed equities

Our partners in Asia will be able to manage a Sharia’h compliance fund parri passu to its current conventional fund with the Shari’ah compliant stocks screened by Ideal Ratings.

Capital Raising & Growth Advisory

We provide differentiated and direct GCC capital access to Chinese companies with ambition and strategic fit to expand in GCC.

We are able to support you in translating the Chinese business models and potential into an exciting equity stories to GCC investors, and facilitate non-deal related roadshow to GCC investors that have been carefully selected by our experienced team.

Our local team in the MIddle East will provide on-the-ground value creation support, including network access, knowledge, operations advice to accelerate the companies growth in GCC.

SINO-MENA Partnerships

To connect high-growth companies in China with GCC investors (e.g. corporate venture capital partners) who are interested in partnership opportunities and / or potential investments to accelerate the companies’ growth and expansion in the GCC region.