GCCVest MENA Fund is Next Generation Technology
and Innovation investment platform dedicated
to provide Asian investors exposure to MENA’s fast
emerging tech adoption opportunities


MENA is at the cusp of a new wave of disruption.

MENA is one of the world’s fastest emerging VC ecosystems, with the youngest and fastest-growing tech savvy population, supported by one the deepest private capital pools globally.

MENA is on the track of accelerated digital transformation that will unlock growth in mammoth categories that laid dormant, an attractive investment destination for investors seeking for undervalued hidden gems in a high-growth market.

A large population of tech-savvy and entrepreneurial youth


Population growth rate of Southeast Asia and Latin America combined
Strong spending power within an increasingly diversifying economy

Rank 4th

in GDP per capita by regions globally (vs. 1.1x of SEA, 1.6x of Latin America)
Growing demand for tech innovations to fill critical gaps across sectors


Internet penetrations in all 6 GCC countries (vs. 71% in China, 63% globally)
Significant government support and capital to drive tech ecosystem


Government-backed VC funding and tech initiatives earmarked

Girl in a jacket
investment platform

  • Dedicated to investing into MENA 
  • Capital from both Asian and MENA investors
  • Investing across Early to Growth stages

Provide strategic
access to Middle East


  • Vast network of investment / venture partnerships
  • Value creation and advisory support
  • Platform to explore business opportunities in MENA

Local tech access
+ international experience

  • On-the-ground presence close to the local tech ecosystem
  • Global experience and BM know-how from Asia
  • Support start-ups in their unique growth roadmap

Our fund strategy


Tailored investment strategy
for the diverse markets

We focus on MENA as a region but adopt a tailored investment strategy for the diverse markets with different levels of technology maturity based on an assessment of local demand and business viability.

A regional investment strategy allows us to diversify risk while capturing significant upside from regional scalability potential.



Focus on Scale-up
to support 1-to-100 journey

We focus on a scale-up opportunity where we can add the most value for investors and companies. As a foreign VC, has experience in identifying high-potential MENA candidates more accurately in their scale-up stage.

We aim to build a strong bond with startups early on by being one of their first foreign investors and expanding their business and fundraising network to global markets.



Technologies related to

We see strong potential in an investment opportunity that is impacting the way people live, interact, and work. We also believe that digital infrastructure including smart cities will play a pivotal role in sustaining and managing the growing urban population while sparking social transformation, efficiency, and sustainability across MENA markets.

Empowering People and Businesses

We are empowering and supporting the next generation of MENA entrepreneurs while contributing to the development of the tech ecosystem in the region.

Commitment to MENA tech

We are growth-oriented, innovation-focused, and committed to supporting, guiding, and mentoring the companies we invest in. We are forming close partnerships with local/regional DFIs and government-backed venture entities and technology initiatives to support their mandates of driving growth in the tech ecosystems. We work hand-in-hand with founders to make a lasting and positive impact on MENA’s innovation ecosystem.

Collaboration with founders

We don’t work from one single playbook — we take a unique approach with each investment opportunity because each of our portfolio companies will have unique needs. Our philosophy is to take an active role and work closely with founders to support them in their growth journey, from operational strategy and partnership to cross-border value creation.